Saturday, 23 January 2010

Women's Jail

The first open jail for women is to be opened in Pune on 26th January 2010. Yerawada central is the one we are talking about. In this open jail system women are educated to farming, painting and all other activities. Open jail system was introduced for men. After the success of this women are going to get benefit from this. They will be given training in various field and employed. At the end they will be given some remuneration for their work. This is to improve the self confidence level in women and to reduce the sadness among them.
There is possibility to reduce the prison time if they behave in a well manner. This proposal placed in front of central government four years back and just got approval. As consequence, Pune is the first state to implement this kind of system. After analysing the performance of this open jail, it will be introduced to all stated in future. Punishment is the chance to understand our mistakes, let this help woman to get some talents with money.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

World costliest Mobile

Every one affected by mobile phone fever. Each and every day companies revealing new model phones in order to satisfy the customer needs. We are also buying new models even though it cost us more. We want to have latest mobile phone in our hand for prestigious reason.
In London one mobile manufacturer made world costly mobile with diamond in it. It is from apple iPhone, which cost not more than 14.1 crores Indian rupees. It took me some time to realise the worth of that money. It made of up diamond, world top class diamond are used to manufacture this mobile. 22 carat gold also used in some part of mobile phone to add extra beauty to it. Fifty three diamonds have been used to make the apple logo. Totally it has 136 diamonds in it. It is made for some gold striker in Liverpool.
It almost took ten months to complete the total design. The navigation is also made up some special kind of diamond which 7.1 carats. Fine, there is still some more to know about this unimaginable phone. It is known as Apple iPhone 3G Supreme, yes it is really supreme. Let’s dream about our phone which is the best for us irrespective of the cost.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

World fastest Train

People used to say that the world is getting smaller day by day. It doesn’t mean that the world’s size is decreasing physically but due to transport speed we can able to reach any part of world. It takes only less time to reach any place than before. Human need to travel for many purposes, latest survey says that human spending more time in his life to travel. He or she feels better if you could reach your place in less time.
There are many research going to improve the speed of transportation, Japan initially introduced bullet train in order to reduce the travel speed. Finally china launches the world fastest train by this week end. The average speed of 350 km per hour and it takes only three hours to complete the total journey of 1068 km. Before introducing this service it took all most 10 hours to reach the same place. The travelling time has been reduced to one third of total time.
Due to introduction of this service the passengers travel between two cities which are connected by this service will be reduced. Many airlines have reduced their prices in order to cover more number of customers to their services. Any way this is good news to those who used to travel between these cities.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Vaccine for swine flu!!!

Finally it’s going to be done by Indian scientists. Swine flu is the major talk all around the world in 2009. It has created lots and lot of trouble in India and also all around the world as well. It has been affecting people for past six months. Many medical scientists are in progress to develop a vaccine for this crucial disease. They are in final stage, they almost done but they need to do some trial with human being. India is one among the few nations which has been affected by this flu and many lost their lives due to this issue. It spreads by air;
it is difficult to avoid this infection. You need to be away from crowd to prevent any infection. But as we know it is difficult to avoid the crowd in a country like India. We need to travel by public transport to do our routine work where you need go with many number of passengers. Even though there is some mask available to prevent the spread, it is stated that it is difficult to avoid contamination.
It is not much effective in preventing this disease. Indian scientist have developed the vaccine for the swine flu, they have got successful in initial trial. They are going to check with human next year and at the end of March you can expect the vaccine for this flu. Thanks to all those who are behind this success.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Discount Sale in UK

Hi friends, hope every one enjoyed this Christmas and eagerly looking forward for New Year celebration. You might have heard Boxing Day. Let me tell about this day, there are many reason why the next day of Christmas known as Boxing Day. Most of them mean that, people used to collect the funds or save money for one year and it will be kept in safe place. Next to Christmas the box will be opened and the entire money will be used to get food and help the poor people in a particular area. Few believe that, gifts to poor or slaves given in the form of Christmas boxes so that it is known as Boxing Day. What ever may be the reason, now we have some benefits from this day. That is, in Boxing Day all shops in UK will give unimaginable discount to their customers/consumers.
One of my friends has got mobile phones for 2 pounds, I know you can imagine. The mobile phone cost is less than one veg burger on Boxing Day. This was happened last year. This year, 26th of Dec 2009 one of my friend has got blackberry for 59 pounds. Usually blackberry cost more than 300 pounds. If you roam around the London city you can surely get this kind of surprises. So in Boxing Day not only poor, slaves enjoying the benefit all customers as well. Let’s welcome Boxing Day.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Joint Venture

Joint venture: Two or more firms coming together to form a group and work together to achieve the common goal. This is more useful when you want to improve your company product to abroad. Some companies may have good capital and good working capital but could not able to do well in their field.
Some companies may have good technicians, machines, and good working techniques but could not able to survive in market. On the other hand some companies may have good market value but could not able to do well due to insufficient capital to improve their working plants. There are certain things need to consider while forming a joint venture. Partner selection is the main things need to consider while forming joint venture. You have to look for a partner who is in same industry.
Proper and open written agreement has to be made between the partners. Share holding should be defined with proper manner. The market research should be done before forming a joint venture as it is the tool to carry out process successfully.